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Saturday, November 12

Custom made order from customers

Custom Made Tote Bag
 Material : Plain Linen (outside), Plain Cotton (lining)
Size : 18" x 15" (inch)
Request Color : Red

Custom Made Couple Throw Pillows
Materials: Flannel, Felt, Beads
Size : 18" x 18" (inch)
Request Color : Red

Custom Made Throw Pillow ( Female Angry Bird )
Materials : Flannel, Felt, Beads, Fiber
Size : 18" x 18" (inch)
Request Color : Red

If interested to order Tote Bag or Throw Pillows, kindly send message to my number ok.
Lots of love..

1 comment:

  1. Salam. Sgt menarik lah custom made couple pillow tu. boleh buat lagi tak? let me know by emel : hot2bpunk@yahoo.com okeh ;)