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Sunday, October 23

Multi-purpose Pouch by DazzleDania - Linen Fabric

Another Multi-Purpose Pouch from DazzleDania Design. For this pouch I'm using Printed Linen for outside and plain cotton for lining..Linen was expensive but beautiful and suitable for making handbags, wallets, pouch, craft  etc. The cuteness and adorable printing on it was cough my eyes ..I'm really excited during sewing session..the result was succeed in extraordinary ways. 
If you like to have my Multi-Purpose Pouch, please PM me for price detail.
Kindly leave a comments for me...
Lots of love..

Material : Cotton Linen
Size : 7" X 7"
Price : RM18.00

DISCOUNT PRICE RM10.00!! per piece
 DazzleDania Balerina 
Sold - Two
Available - One

 DazzleDania France
Sold - One
Available - Two

DazzleDania English Flower

Sold -One
Available -Two

Wednesday, October 19

Multi-purpose Pouch by DazzleDania - Cotton Fabric

Handmade Multi-purpose pouch..can be used as makeup pouch, medical pouch, travel pouch - keeping tea,sugar sachet etc, stationary pouch and alternative for your handbag. I'm using cotton fabrics as usual. Two pockets inside this pouch, a handle and key's handle outside. Just made a simple one and I will make two more pouch..PM me if interested.. Kindly leave your comments on my crafty stuffs..tq for drop here yahh!! lots of love...

Material : Cotton (Japan)
Size : 7" X 7"
Price : RM15.00

DISCOUNT PRICE RM10.00!! each item






Tuesday, October 18

DazzleDania Tote Bag

Handmade Tote Bag here...I'm using cotton fabrics, flower motif for outline and plain cotton inside.
It was succeed again but I hope will sew a fashion tote bag by my own design some day.
Hope you like it..Yes it for Sale! Please PM me if interested and kindly leave your comments on my crafty stuffs here..lots of love..

Friday, October 14

Floor Cushion

I've made a floor cushion for my cute little fairy's Dania. Just made a simple one and it was an extraordinary experiment for me. Her chair has broken and I felt sad to see she sit on the broken chair, and and..she like it!!
Yeaayy.. hoooray..!!

Maybe later I'll made another floor cushions for sale, but 1st I need a cute sweet fabrics and my stuffing material that suitable for this project. Hope will start soon. 
Lots of love..

Thursday, October 13

Sweet Little Angel Bag by DazzleDania

I would like to try something new and the result was so nice.. for the 1st time I'm made this crafty stitching and it was succeed. 
My little cousin, Uyul.. she was the person designing this cute little angel just for me..
Thanks dear, appreciate your design! She so talented...then I made the "Sweet Little Angel Bag", of course for Sale...

 Design : Sweet Little Angel Bag
Material : Plain Cream cotton (outside) Black Pokadot cotton, Batting (inside)

Price : RM20.00

**Excluding postage

If interested kindly PM me ok..Please leave a comments for me yahh..
Lot of love...

Wednesday, October 12

Hoorayy..had been chosen as a winner..yeaayy!!

I've had been chosen as a winner by paper-and-string (owner Sarah). Thanks to her for given me a chance and I can't wait to received my goodies from her..Thanks Sarah!! and to my cute chubby husband, I Love you so much!! it will be 6 days from now to a lucky day of his birthday (18th October)..he always give me an encouragement to my crafty hobbies. Lots of love..

Friday, October 7

Already Stuffing my pillows

Dazzledania Limited Edition Throw Pillows still on Sale...!!
Hurry up get one or all pillows..





I had made one more pillow "Blue beach" on my collections..Hope you like it..Please click here for the details..Lots of love!!

Tuesday, October 4

Dazzledania Design Throw Pillows

Presenting Dazzledania Design Throw Pillow..
Expressing My Art on fabrics..

Design : Sweet Little Doll
Color : Orange
Price: RM18.00

Design : Express Music Doll
Color : Blue
Price : RM18.00

 Design : Simple Love
Color : Light Yellow
 Price : RM15.00

Design : Blue Beach
Color : Blue
Price : RM18

Open for sale and non remarkable items. Made with Love and Passion for my little girl and ready to gift to someone that appreciate my art and talents.. Free hand made design and I'm using flannel fabric, cotton fabric, felt fabric and beads. I will stuffing the pillows later...If interested please PM me.. Love to hear any comments..Please ask my permission for copy right..Lots of love..

** Size : 18 x 10 inch
** Price for all the items above not including postage