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Tuesday, October 4

Dazzledania Design Throw Pillows

Presenting Dazzledania Design Throw Pillow..
Expressing My Art on fabrics..

Design : Sweet Little Doll
Color : Orange
Price: RM18.00

Design : Express Music Doll
Color : Blue
Price : RM18.00

 Design : Simple Love
Color : Light Yellow
 Price : RM15.00

Design : Blue Beach
Color : Blue
Price : RM18

Open for sale and non remarkable items. Made with Love and Passion for my little girl and ready to gift to someone that appreciate my art and talents.. Free hand made design and I'm using flannel fabric, cotton fabric, felt fabric and beads. I will stuffing the pillows later...If interested please PM me.. Love to hear any comments..Please ask my permission for copy right..Lots of love..

** Size : 18 x 10 inch
** Price for all the items above not including postage


  1. It's beautiful!!! Love the little doll & music doll pillow~~ Sangat creative!

  2. kiut dan sgt kreatif.. really likes it..:)

  3. thank u very much! appreciate every comments..