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Monday, February 20

DazzleDania Kawaii Pouch - Ready Made

Kawaii..Kawaii..Kawaii Pouch!! 
Ready Made items
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Material : Designer Cotton US/JAPAN, Plain Linen, Bleach Cotton (Lining), Wood Craft Button, Zipper, Interfacing.

Size : 6.5" wide x 7" tall

Cute Wood Button

Cute Ziraff - available

Green Forest - available

Pink Umbrella - available

Black Dolls - available

Brown Eiffel Tower - available

Blue Eiffel Tower - available

Hurry up buy now for yourself or your love one's!! Leave your comments bellow or contact me 0176616197 (Mrs Seri) or email me dazzledania@gmail.com


DazzleDania Diaper's Pouch - Ready Made

The Cutest Fabric Diaper's Pouch on the planet...yeeeaayy!! 
Organize your handbag with this sweet and cute DazzleDania Diaper's Pouch..Can put up to 4 pampers inside.

Material : Designer Cotton US/ Flannel / Bleach Cotton, Ribbon, Deco Button.

Size : 9" tall x 7.5" inch wide

Owllist - available

PurpleBear - available

Cars - available

AnimalZoo - available

Interested..?? Kindly leave your comment bellow or contact my no 0176616197 ( Mrs Seri) for more details.