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Tuesday, October 30

'I Do I Do I do do do do do do~' ♥ ♡ ♥

'A lovely couple' just married last week.. weehooooo...!! ohh! yes! My lil sis wedding was held on 27 - 28 oct.. pheeewww~ Me and my family are superb bz this month lol..

Above photo was taken by my husband, he was back on action as a photographer.. need a Pro-photographer for your weeding event, engagement, etc?? Call us.. Patchwork Design Photographer 0126604490 (Alang/Azlan)

The rest image was taken by me..hahahaa.. ♡

Congrats to Norain ♥ Nizam

Thursday, September 20

Sweet ♥ Key pouch..for Sale!!

These are two key pouches I've made recently. It's was my 1st attempt using my own handmade bias tape..huhh! Finally.. me like to work with them which blend beautifully with my two pouches here and 'its work'!

Material : Linen fabric, Cotton fabric, Bronze Big ring with 4 small rings, PU leather button

Decoration : Linen handmade ribbon, charm, lace, bell, key chain ring.

Size : Small and Medium

Small size

Medium size

Interested?? Feel free to email me dazzledaniz@gmail.com or leave comments bellow gurl ♥

Smile \(^♡^)/

Thursday, September 13

DazzleDania ♥ Notebook/Ipad Bags for Sale!!

Need a bag to carry your Notebook/Ipad...?? Here are two bags I'm design using colorful cotton fabrics which can fits your gadget in best ways.Its come with an adjustable and side strap.

Material : Designer Cotton Fabrics, Handmade Snap button.

Price : RM59.90 ( excluding postage )

Side Strap ♥

Inside view ♥

Feel free to leave your comments bellow or email me dazzledania@gmail.com for custom/bulk orders.

SEE YAH!! \(^,^)*

Monday, September 10

Lovely ♥ Frame coin pouch for Sale!!

Ready made items... each pattern are different and special. Make this pouch as a gift for someone that you love. Grab them now...!!

Material : Designer Cotton (Exterior) / Linen (Exterior), Unbleach Cotton (interior), Steel Frame

Frame Size : 8.5cm - Silver & Bronze Color

Decoration : Cover button, Ribbon, Bell

Interested?? Leave comments bellow or email me dazzledania@gmail.com

Lots of love ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, September 7

'Scrapy Coasters Set' ♥

After a few tapping and googling, I'm found this simple tutorial on how to create something useful from our scrapies... simple simple and simple. Make your scrapy set of coasters now..!!

3 Sets of coasters in the house guys.. 6 pieces in one set ♥
Doesn't have time?? Just email me or comment to purchase this lovely simple art..


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Thursday, September 6

"Little Birdy" to hold keys

Simple is me.. Grab know! This little birdy can become keys holder in special way ♥

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Thursday, August 30

I'm back..!!

Hey everybody! It's been too long not posting any of my stuffs here.. My schedule are full with events that I took apart such as Bazaar/Booths, Bulks orders from my customers, Family events etc.. Today I'm back dear! \( ^, ^)/

Stay tune..will be continue.. heh!

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Tuesday, March 6

DazzleDania Oversized Patchwork Clutch / Pouch - Eiffel Tower Collection

Another one of my Eiffel Tower Collection. Sweet and simple design for you to choose. Bring along this oversize clutch / pouch where ever you go.. 
Need lot of passion doing this patchwork as this is 1st time I'm making patchwork design :) Finally...so get one now!!


Material : Linen Fabric ( Eiffel tower ), Japanese  Pokadots Cotton Fabric ( for exterior and lining ), Zipper, Key Hocked

Size : 7.5" inch x 9" inch
Price : RM32.00

**excluding posage

Red Eiffel Tower

Material : Linen Fabric ( Eiffel tower ), Japanese  Pokadots Cotton Fabric ( for exterior and lining ), Zipper, Key Hocked

Size : 7.5" inch x 10" inch

Price : RM34.00

**excluding postage

Black Eiffel Tower

Kindly leave your comments or contact me 0176616197 or email me dazzledania@gmail.com


DazzleDania Fabric Tote Bag - Ready Made


Material : Cotton fabric, Bleach cotton (Lining), Snap button, Strap.
Size : 14" inch x 18" inch
Color : Black and Grey
Price : RM50.00

**excluding postage

**Only one available for this fabric. Made to order item**



Material : Plain Linen, Eiffel Tower Panel, Bleach cotton (Lining), Magnet Button, Leather Strap.
 Size : 14" inch x 18" inch

Price : RM65.00

**excluding postage

**This picture is for front view only. I'm using nature color bleach cotton for back exterior and if ask to made both side for black color plain linen or other color, I'll made as per asking :) **

Interested....Kindly comment bellow or contact my number 0176616197 or email me dazzledania@gmail.com


Monday, February 20

DazzleDania Kawaii Pouch - Ready Made

Kawaii..Kawaii..Kawaii Pouch!! 
Ready Made items
Scroll down for cute viewing


Material : Designer Cotton US/JAPAN, Plain Linen, Bleach Cotton (Lining), Wood Craft Button, Zipper, Interfacing.

Size : 6.5" wide x 7" tall

Cute Wood Button

Cute Ziraff - available

Green Forest - available

Pink Umbrella - available

Black Dolls - available

Brown Eiffel Tower - available

Blue Eiffel Tower - available

Hurry up buy now for yourself or your love one's!! Leave your comments bellow or contact me 0176616197 (Mrs Seri) or email me dazzledania@gmail.com


DazzleDania Diaper's Pouch - Ready Made

The Cutest Fabric Diaper's Pouch on the planet...yeeeaayy!! 
Organize your handbag with this sweet and cute DazzleDania Diaper's Pouch..Can put up to 4 pampers inside.

Material : Designer Cotton US/ Flannel / Bleach Cotton, Ribbon, Deco Button.

Size : 9" tall x 7.5" inch wide

Owllist - available

PurpleBear - available

Cars - available

AnimalZoo - available

Interested..?? Kindly leave your comment bellow or contact my no 0176616197 ( Mrs Seri) for more details.